Start up idea: Fix event search

As some of you know, I’ve recently moved to SF. Wanting to meet people, I’ve made it a point to get out to as start-up type events as I can to talk to people and learn more about the ecosystem. I have been highly disappointed with Eventbrite’s and Meetup’s discovery tools. Here’s why the space is ready for disruption:

  • Large market There are 11M searches per month for events in Google in the US alone (25M worldwide)
  • No way to search all the event websites out there at once  Someone needs to do what google did for products, recipes, news, etc. The good news is the event market is fragmented but not as fragmented as some of the things Google has already indexed. The 80/20 of events will be within college calendars, in Facebook, Eventbrite, Citysearch Ticketmaster, and Meet ups. Ticketmaster is the big elephant in the space. Crawling through this data across sites (except for college calendars) cannot be very difficult.
Based on data from unique visitors per month; Others includes: Eventbee, Skillshare, Acteva, and Regonline
  • Major improvements needed in search functionality. Do what kayak did and allow people to search by a lot of criteria. Here are somethings I usually don’t find:
  1. Hours and dates timing – obvious but still not done well (please see Eventbrite’s search for how not to do this … Why can’t I specify dates? What does $, versus $$ mean?)
  2. Are there tickets available?
  3. Number of attendees / size of event
  4. Is it a repeat or a first time event?
  • Integrate with my other accounts. Some (not all) are already integrated with Facebook and Google Maps but it would be great if they were integrated with:
  1. Google Calendar – as in find out when I’m busy vs Free
  2. Linked In – as in know in which field I work and tell me which professional events are best suited for me based on my professional contact

4 thoughts on “Start up idea: Fix event search

  1. You know what. This is a great idea. I am going to build it. I have the knowledge and the skills and the time.

  2. Rahul,

    It’s something that I always wanted to work on last year so I went ahead and built something within a few weeks. Love to hear your feedback on it. I haven’t worked on it for awhile, but I still visit it every now and then to check out the events.

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